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BdProxy - SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS Proxy Server

Note: The following is for our old tunnel technology. We recommend that all users use the new and much faster MxTunnel.

The BdProxy acts as a SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS proxy server. The proxy allows you to use your Internet applications anonymously, despite firewalls.


See our SSL VPN solutions for a gentle introduction.


Free Software

The BdProxy is a free and complementary FuguHub product. The BdProxy client connects and establishs a secure tunnel to the HTTPS Tunnel server integrated into the FuguHub Web Server.


Download Windows version. Download generic Java version.

The proxy requires no installation. Simply download and save in a directory. You can add a shortcut to it from your desktop.

The BdProxy is specifically designed to be used as a proxy and provides a subset of the functionality in the HTTPS Tunnel. The BdProxy is internally using the HTTPS Tunnel, but provides an easier to use GUI.

It is easy to use the BdProxy:

  1. Start the proxy.
  2. Login to the remote FuguHub Web Server.
  3. Start your Internet software, and configure the software to use either HTTPS or SOCKS proxy. The default port for HTTPS is 8080 and 1080 for SOCKS.

The following commands are sent to the HTTPS tunnel when you start BdProxy:
h: s:

The above commands are explained in the HTTPS Tunnel documentation, though you do not need to understand the commands for normal use.

Chained Proxy Use

You must configure the proxy settings if you start BdProxy from within a restrictive corporate network. A corporate network typically uses a HTTPS proxy between the corporate LAN and the outside world. The BdProxy is by default set to use a direct connection. You can alternatively load the Java Web Start HTTPS Tunnel version built into the FuguHub Web Server if you do not know how to login to your corporate proxy. The Java Web Start version usually inherits proxy settings from the browser and will automatically authenticate with any company firewall/proxy.

Command Line Options

The BdProxy accepts the following command line options:

-socks portnumberListen for SOCKS request on 'portnumber'. The default port number is 1080.
-ssl portnumberListen for HTTPS/HTTP proxy request on 'portnumber'. The default port number is 8080.
-iconifyMinimizes the BdProxy window after the proxy has successfully authenticated with the FuguHub Web Server.
-diagnosticThe diagnostic mode, which is only effective if used together with -iconify, opens up the iconified BdProxy log window if any connection/socket error should occur.
-nocompDo not use compression.
-exec command [args]Execute 'command' with optional arguments after the proxy has successfully authenticated with the FuguHub Web Server. This must be the last argument to BdProxy. The remaining arguments are sent to the 'command' started.
-waitWait for the command started with -exec to exit. The proxy automatically exits when the child exits.
-connect servernameConnect directly to The FuguHub server with "servername", without asking the user to enter the FuguHub server name.
-tunnel commandEstablish a direct tunnel:
command = t:[localaddress:]localport:remotehost:remoteport.
This command is identical to setting up a tunnel with the HTTPS Tunnel.

Portable Applications

The -exec command above is typically used when the BdProxy is bundled with another application. For example, BdProxy can be configured to start Firefox as follows:
BdProxy.exe -ssl 65530 -socks 65531 -iconify -exec FirefoxPortable.exe

Many applications that connect to the Internet/LAN via the tunnel do not need to be installed. Portable applications are applications that do not need to be installed, but can run directly from a CD-ROM. This means that you do not need a laptop.

  1. Go to any Internet enabled computer.
  2. Browse to your company/home FuguHub Web Server.
  3. Start the Tunnel.
  4. Insert the USB stick or your CD-ROM with your portable applications.
  5. Start your preconfigured (proxied) portable applications from your CD-ROM.

In fact, a USB memory stick or a CD-ROM is not necessary since all programs can be loaded directly from the FuguHub Web Server.

USB memory stick