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Recipe for the Naughty Boy

You have decided to surprise your wife by purchasing sexy lingerie from your favorite site. The problem is that you are at work and your nosy IT department has blocked your favorite site.

Naughty boy

Your Web communications travel, from your work computer, through an encrypted tunnel on the Internet, bypassing your company firewall, to your home server or online cloud server, and eventually out to your destination website. This approach works just like an instant VPN (virtual private network), but is portable, so you can use it on any computer without having to install and configure complicated software.

We trust you understand the humorous intent and that you must use your own imagination for how you can use the tunnel.

Please be responsible and do not use FuguHub to circumvent your company's policy for remote access such as playing games, etc. It is strictly forbidden to use FuguHub for any illegal activities.

The Recipe

(Defending yourself against nosy IT departments)

  1. Install FuguHub on a cloud server or on your home computer.
  2. Enable the FuguHub tunnel server plugin.
  3. Go to work.
  4. Install the MxTunnel at your work computer.
  5. Configure your browser to use the MxTunnel proxy.
  6. Enter the URL to your favorite lingerie site.
  7. Enjoy. Total satisfaction guaranteed.

* You may use any browser as long as you configure the browser's proxy settings to use the Barracuda MxTunnel proxy. We suggest that you use the Firefox browser we have pre-configured to ensure total anonymity. If you do not properly configure the browser, the nosy IT department may be able to log your activities. For example, your browser may attempt to locally resolve the DNS to the destination server before sending the request to the HTTPS tunnel client proxy. You can keep the pre-configured Firefox browser on a USB-stick or on a CD.

Other Uses

Home users with broadband connection