Backing Up Your Data

If you have ever encountered a computer crash, you will know that it is absolutely essential to backup your computer files and important information regularly.

The FuguHub installation directory contains a number of files that you should backup at regular intervals. You can backup all files in the installation directory, but that is not necessary.

Files you should backup in the FuguHub installation directory:

  • All files that end with .dat. FuguHub saves a number of configuration files with this extension in the root of your installation directory.
  • The data directory. Starting from FuguHub 3.8, database driven web applications store the databases in this directory. For example, the database for the FuguHub bulletin board is called forum.sqlite.db. You should backup all the database files.
  • The cmsdocs directory. This is the directory where you install your own HTML files, images, etc., when using the CMS.

Do the following if you have a computer crash:

Copy the backed up data, including sub directories, to the directory where you want to install FuguHub. The default location is c:\bd for Windows.
Install FuguHub into the directory where you copied your backed up data. The server should automatically pick up your restored data.

Please note that the backed up FuguHub license will not work on a new computer. You can request a new license from Real Time Logic by following the instructions at the following link: Manual License Installation.

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Posted in Maintenance Wednesday, December 05th, 2007 by Wilfred