BarracudaDrive on My Book Live Dashboard redirect problem and other things

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From: Knapster
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 10:54:15 GMT

BarracudaDrive on My Book Live Dashboard redirect problem and other things

Hi there!

BarracudaDrive on the My Book Live is a real nice thing, but i have a few things here to say and to ask:


When i want to connect to the My Book Live Dashboard via the Barracuda login it's redirecting me to what of course doesn't work. The only way to connect to my Dashboard ist to type the direct link to the Dashboard login like http://MyBookLive/UI/login or . This way o get my logon screen. But after login there the BarracudaDrive again redirects me to then i have to type the direct link to the Dashboard to get into it. So always when BarracudaDrive is redirecting me i come to to


So redirecting between bdd and the onboard apache seems to be tricky. When i want to have other sites on my onboard apache on the same ports, how to make the redirects? That is is for example using the Feature Packs from this site: The Featurepacks Manager runs on port 80 and is reachable via http://MyBookLive/fpkmgr the files are like the Dashboard UI in /var/www/UI thus /var/www/fpkmgr. With this Manager the AccessBook is installable. This runs a public site reachable under http://MyBookLive:8080 and a private one reachable with secure connection https://MyBookLive. These 2 sites have there index files in folders in the Public share of the My Book Live. I read this article and tried out few things but couldn't get into it. .A bit help would be awesome! 


Is the BarracudaDrive able to run on other ports than the standard ones. So the redirect problem wouldn't be so great and better configurable in a router?


This Forum here and the built in in BarracudaDrive isn't compatible with Firefox 11. Is there coming an update soon? (Bindows 4.1.1). Or is it possible to update it manually on my My Book Live Barracuda Server?


Is it possible that a user have to login the BarracudaDrive, before he could see anything of the page?


And last a suggestion for improvement. It would be nice to have a bit more features in BarracudaDrive's Web File Server like dowloading a whole folder, playing a whole folder of mp3, zipping a folder and sending a wget command to let the Drive download a link by itself.

Thank you in advance

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