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SSL VPN Roadmap

We provide a number of SSL VPN like client products, ranging from our flagship product GetMyLAN to the more technical oriented HTTPS Tunnel Client. All client products connect and establish a secure tunnel to the FuguHub Web Server.

  • GetMyLAN is a SSL VPN product that gives a remote computer access to services on a corporate LAN. The GetMyLAN client requires no configuration on the remote computer. Select this product if you are uncertain or if any of the technical jargons are confusing.
  • BdProxy acts as a SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS proxy server and allows network programs that support proxy configuration to tunnel to the network where the FuguHub Web Server is running.
  • HTTPS Tunnel is geared towards technical users. The tunnel supports the same features as BdProxy, in addition to supporting a direct tunnel for protocols that do not support proxying. The HTTPS Tunnel is also integrated into the FuguHub Server as a Java Web Start program.

Benefits of the FuguHub Tunnel

Easy Installation
FuguHub is simple and inexpensive to install and configure. You can use our portable client on a computer with guest access only without having to install any software, for example, at an Internet Cafe. In contrast, VPN is expensive and difficult to setup and run. VPN does not work for the typical consultant working onsite for their customers due to firewall restrictions.

Secure your Internet browsing from hotspots in cafes, airports, hotels, libraries, or any other remote location. Use FuguHub if you do not trust security in other servers such as FTP, Telnet, VNC or other Internet protocols. FuguHub encrypts Internet traffic to prevent eavesdropping of sensitive information.

Confidently use Internet programs without being monitored by Internet Service Provider, work, school, government, etc.. Prevent eavesdropping and monitoring of your Internet browsing, downloads, game activities, financial transactions and other sensitive information.

Bypass Restrictions
Use your favorite applications previously blocked by company firewall or other intrusive software. Visit sites that are blocked from work, your country or wherever your location. Play online games from sites blocked by, for example, your company firewall.

How It Works

The HTTPS Tunnel technology allows users to perform various Internet tasks despite the restrictions imposed by firewalls. This is made possible by sending data through HTTPS. HTTPS is secure and encrypted HTTP, allowing no one to eavesdrop on your communication.

HTTPS Tunnel Features:

  • High-grade 256-bit AES SSL encryption
  • Supports SSL and SOCKS proxies
  • Install on demand client tunnel
  • Built in firewall
  • Digest/Basic authentication
  • Host/port authorization
  • DHTML firewall rule editor designed using Ajax technology