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Custom 404 Error Handler

Some users use the server for private use and do not want to reveal any parts of FuguHub such as links to the internal user interface. For example, they may remove the CMS home page i.e. the main URL or disable the CMS altogether. Only users that know the exact URL can visit the server. The default FuguHub 404 error handler shows the internal FuguHub user interface with links to the various pages in FuguHub, thereby revealing information regarding the site.

The custom 404 error handler enables you to design your own 404 HTML page. The error handler also includes a default page that is designed to confuse the visitor by stating that the server can only be used by Internet Explorer 6.0. Create your own HTML page and save the page as 404.lsp in the FuguHub installation directory if you do not want the default message. Note: you must create this page before starting the 404 error handler.


Download the Custom 404 Error Handler and save the ZIP file in the FuguHub application folder. Do not unpack the ZIP file. Follow the LSP application installation instructions.