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We have released a new version of the FuguHub application server. The new version includes both a Content Management System and improvements to the Electronic Bulletin Board.

Automatic Network Configuration

FuguHub now automatically configures the network for users.

The configuration is done using a technology called Universal Plug and Play, or UPnP for short. Most routers support UPnP.

There is no need to know how to configure port mapping in the router or install a Dynamic DNS client as the server now automates this process. Users can choose between no-cost sub-domain names or their own registered domain name.


Content Management System

The Content Management System  makes creating web pages as easy as creating a document in Microsoft Word. The integrated editor allows content to be directly edited or pasted in from other editors such as Microsoft Word.

A Content Management System (CMS) is used to simplify the maintenance of content-rich web-sites, allowing content to be directly added, updated and deleted by non-technical staff. A Content Management System (CMS) separates content from design, ensuring consistency in design, and making it easier to reuse content.

The CMS is also compatible with external blog editors such as Microsoft Live Writer. For example, this blog entry was written in Microsoft Live Writer. The computer screen shot images in this blog entry was first pasted into Microsoft Paint, Managed in Microsoft Paint, and finally pasted directly into  Live Writer. The Live Writer Blog Editor automatically uploads the blog entry and the images to the CMS.

FuguHub Video Tutorials

We have released a number of videos that both showcase the features in FuguHub and show how to use the various components. The Installation and Configuration Tutorial is a good starting point if you have not already installed FuguHub.


FuguHub for Mac OS X PowerPC

We have also released a version of FuguHub for Macintosh. The FuguHub download page automatically shows the Mac download if you use a Mac computer. Note that the release is for the PowerPC processor. We have currently no plans on releasing an Intel version.


New version of Firefox for the HTTPS Tunnel

We have updated the pre-configured HTTPS Tunnel version of the Firefox browser. The browser is typically used when you need secure and/or anonymous surfing.


Press Release

See the press release for more information regarding this release.

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