BarracudaDrive 4.4

FuguHub 4.4 includes many new features such as uploading files by dragging and dropping files directly into your browser. The Content Management System now includes a new file server that is specifically designed for creating photo albums by automatically scaling your uploaded photos and creating thumb images for the uploaded photos. The video below gives a brief introduction to how this all works.

In addition to many new features, existing features have been improved. The file server can now manage files larger than 4 GBytes. We have also redesigned the administrator panel and made the application compatible with older browsers that do not support JavaScript. The bulletin board is updated and now works in all major browsers. We have also performed a number of smaller bug fixes and improvements.

Drag and drop file upload video

Photo Albums

The photo album below is powered by the FuguHub Content Management System. Click on the first image to open the slide show. The slide show gives you a quick introduction on how to create your own photo album(s). Each image contains a short description at the end. The text is also shown if you move your mouse over the thumb images below.

Did you know that this blog is powered by the FuguHub Content Management System? We run the FuguHub server on a small 5 watt computer called the SheevaPlug. See the following blog if you are interested in learning more.

Posted in News Tuesday, May 04th, 2010

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