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Note, the following release is for an older version of FuguHub for the Unslung firmware. For the latest version, visit the following URL: SlugOS For Dummies.

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We have released a free version of the FuguHub application server for NSLU2 and the Unslung Linux firmware.

FuguHub is a secure application server with an integrated scripting language, database engine, WebDAV server, Web File Manager, tiny SSL server, HTTPS tunnel, and various SLL VPN clients for the HTTPS tunnel.

The NSLU2 (Network Storage Link for USB 2.0 Disk Drives) is a device made by Linksys. It makes USB Flash memory and hard disks accessible over a network (NAS).

The SQLite database engine and the Lua scripting language are integrated into the FuguHub server. The server supports what is known as Lua Server Pages (LSP). FuguHub LSP applications are deployed as standard ZIP files. The ZIP files, which are in the "applications" sub directory, are loaded and mounted as read only file systems by the application server.

The server comes with a Content Management System and an Electronic Bulletin Board implemented by using LSP. The server also comes with an application designed explicitly to help new users configure the server by using a browser.

The blog engine powering this site is the same  blog engine that comes with the FuguHub application server. You can visit the Content Management System home page if you like to know more about the blog and the CMS engine, but please note that the CMS is just one of many applications in the FuguHub server.

Running an application server such as FuguHub on the NSLU2, by using an external USB flash memory for storing the database files, yields an application server that is virtually maintenance free. Technically, the server should run 24/7 for a good 20 years.

FuguHub, or BD for short, is a product developed by using the Barracuda Embedded Web Server SDK and is well suited for running on the NSLU2. FuguHub is a commercial product, but we are offering a free version for Unslung.

See the following page for more information regarding this release: FuguHub3.9-beta. The press release and most of the documentation is designed for Windows.

NSLU2 Non-Commercial Version License:

You must read the Non-Commercial Version License file before downloading.

Unslung instructions:

  1. Install unslung on your NSLU2
  2. Download /bd.unslung.3-9.tar.gz. Telnet to your NSLU2 and download as follows: wget /bd.unslung.3-9.tar.gz
  3. Unzip to any directory, but you may want to create a dedicated directory for BD such as /home/bd
  4. Start server with the following command ./bdd –p8080 –s8443, where 8080 is the HTTP port number and 8443 is the HTTPS port number. You can also start the server as a daemon: ./bdd –p8080 –s8443 -d
  5. Configure the server as explained in the readme file.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

FuguHub FAQ

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