BarracudaDrive for Marvell's SheevaPlug

Note: Installing FuguHub on a SheevaPlug requires Linux experience. We suggest that you contact your local Linux user group if you do not have the required Linux skills. You can attend one of their meetings and have an experienced Linux user help you with the installation.

The SheevaPlug is about the size of a typical wall power converter, yet it is a full Linux-powered computer running on a 1.2GHz ARM processor.

A SheevaPlug can be purchased via

  • Purchase one of the SheevaPlug versions such as the original SheevaPlug or the new GuruPlug.
  • Connect the plug computer to your local network.
  • Navigate to the web server interface in your router and locate the page listing the DHCP clients.
  • The plug computer's IP address will show up in this list some time after the plug computer is powered on. You may have to press the browser's refresh button a few times.
  • Install a SSH client such as Putty on your computer.
  • Login to the plug computer by using the SSH client. Enter the plug computer's IP address you got from your routers DHCP listing.
  • The plug computer's default username is root and the password is nosoup4u.
  • Follow the FuguHub installation guide at the plug computer wiki.

Did you know that our online domains,,, and are all hosted on the same SheevaPlug?.

Posted in News Tuesday, September 01th, 2009

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