Securely distribute large files via emails

FuguHub 4.6 includes many new features such as the new File Mailer, which makes it easy and secure to distribute files of any size to any number of contacts via regular email.

The File Mailer is a new product integrated with the FuguHub WebDAV and Web File Manager. Files of any size can be uploaded using WebDAV or the drag and drop box feature in the Web File Manager. These files can then be sent as attachments or links to individuals or to predefined lists. Files can be emailed to an unlimited amount of lists and each list can have an unlimited amount of contacts.

The File Mailer is built on top of the existing multi user Web File Manager. Users with access to the Web File Manager can email any file they have access to via the constraints set by the administrator. Users with access to the File Mailer Administrator Panel can also create and manage contact lists, manage mail jobs, view the download history, etc.

The File Mailer's intuitive web interface resembles a standard email client's graphical user interface and provides features such as auto completion on email addresses found in the contact database. Start typing and a list of possible email address matches are shown. Contacts are automatically added, if not already in the database. Large contact lists can be imported by dragging and dropping the contact list onto the File Mailer Web Interface.

The messages sent to contacts can be personalized by using macros. For example, a personal greeting message can be customized for each recipient.

The File Mailer tracks every file downloaded. The advanced history viewer gives you detailed download statistics such as: who downloaded the file, what time the file was downloaded, and from what location.

The File Mailer is designed to make distribution of sensitive material secure. The file links emailed to contacts can be set to require a secure connection i.e. a HTTPS connection. The links can also be set to require a password from the recipients before they are allowed to download the file. You can also set an expiration date on the distributed links. In addition, the distributed links can be invalidated at any time by terminating the mail job.

The File Mailer includes an optional batch job processing engine that makes it possible to customize the file downloaded for each recipient in the distribution list. Batch jobs may, for example, be used by software vendors to distribute software to their customers when they require a customized file for each contact in the database.

Tip: Convert a vCard file to a CSV file

The File Mailer accepts CSV files for importing contacts. Unfortunately, some address books such as the Mac Address Book does not export directly to CSV, but to the vCard format.

A simple solution to circumvent this problem is to import the vCard file into a Gmail account and then export the address book as a CSV file, which can then be imported by the File Mailer.

See the Gmail vCard import help for more information.

Image Preview

The Web File Manager now includes an image preview option that lets you preview JPEG images by moving the cursor over the image link. The server uses the integrated image processing library to automatically scale the image in real-time and present a preview version of the image in the browser. The preview option makes it easy and fast to view large images without having to download the full size image.

Free Upgrades

Existing customers can upgrade their FuguHub server to the new version. Windows and Mac users can download the installation program and run the installer to upgrade their FuguHub version. Linux users must download the tar file and manually upgrade the server.

Posted in News Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

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