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FuguHub for LinkIt Smart 7688

LinkIt Smart 7688 is a $13 computer that runs the OpenWrt Linux distribution. LinkIt Smart 7688 includes an MT7688AN SoC, 128MB RAM, 32MB flash, and WiFi. The device is equipped with a microSD slot, a micro-USB host port, and a micro-USB port for 5V power input.

Installing FuguHub on LinkIt Smart 7688

The following text box contains all required commands for installing FuguHub. Click the text box below, copy (CTRL-C), and paste into your SSH window.

The above is a concatenation of commands which downloads the installation script, makes the script executable, and then executes the script. The FuguHub server will be running once the installation completes. The server will also start automatically when you power on the device.

Info for Computer Programmers

There is a lot of cool stuff you can do with FuguHub as it is, but you may want to read up on the developer section if you are a computer programmer. FuguHub is an application server letting you write your own scripts to perform; for example, home automation, remote management, and more. With FuguHub, you can write your own web based user interface to control any type of hardware that is connected to the LinkIt Smart 7688.