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Manage Data Your Way

Private Cloud Computing

(Your Own Personal Cloud Server)

FuguHub transforms your computer (or device) into a powerful and secure online storage system, letting you access and share files from any connected computer or device in the world.

FuguHub lets you set up and operate your own secure file-sharing site, even if you're not a techie. FuguHub is an easy-to-use server that runs either on your own computer/device or on your own private online cloud/VPS server.

Access and share inbound and outbound private documents, photos, videos, or other files, from your smart phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android, Nook, Kindle, Blackberry), Windows, Mac, and Linux on your own secure FuguHub server.

With FuguHub:

  • Create your own private or your own multiuser file storage system, and share files with friends, family, or business colleagues.
  • Create and run your own website, blog, and forum without paying an outside firm to host it.
  • Ensure your online privacy and provide secure, unblocked, encrypted access to the Internet with our tunnel/proxy (VPN) technology.
  • Automatically and securely distribute files of any size, even huge files, to any number of contacts via regular email.
  • Avoid ongoing and expensive service fees. Don't "rent" when you can own!


How Does FuguHub Work?

FuguHub Block Diagram

FuguHub is based on the Barracuda Application Server C Source Code Library and you may download this library from GitHub. The FuguHub foundation is an application implemented in Lua and Lua Server Pages. The FuguHub foundation manages the accounts, access control, and provides a foundation for FuguHub applications, which are also implemented in Lua. Check out the Mako Server if you are a web developer. The Mako Server is also based on the Barracuda Application Server Library and provides a newer design than FuguHub. The Barracuda Application Server can also run on embedded systems. Check out the article Beginner's Guide to Embedded Systems and Secure IoT Communication if you are interested in learning how to design your own IoT applications.

FuguHub License:

FuguHub is free and for non-commercial use only. Make sure to read the non commercial license agreement.

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