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About FuguHub

FuguHub is designed by Real Time Logic, a software engineering company providing software components for industrial use. FuguHub is built by using the Barracuda App Server library.

This Site is Powered by FuguHub

FuguHub powers this web site, the FuguHub blog, and Real Time Logic's main site. Although FuguHub's main focus is on the WebDAV and MxTunnel plugin, the server also works great as a general purpose Web Server. FuguHub can also be used by web designers for designing advanced server side applications.

The Barracuda App Server

The Barracuda App Server powering FuguHub can also be used for controlling electronics. Check out the following video if you are a maker and want to get started with easy programming.

About Real Time Logic

Real Time Logic's main office is located in Southern California. See Real Time Logic's about page for contact information.