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Website Builder

(Host your own website for free on your own computer)

Say goodbye to expensive hosting providers and web designer companies and become your own webmaster.

No technical experience necessary.

FuguHub includes a free Website Builder that is so easy to use you can have your grandmother be your new webmaster. The free Website Builder requires no web development skills and is similar to creating and editing a document in Microsoft® Word.

The Website Builder is one of five plugins delivered with the FuguHub Web Server.


  • Zero Configuration:

    The free Website Builder requires no installation or configuration. FuguHub's integrated database engine makes it possible for us to deliver a zero configuration Website Builder.

  • Easy and Fast:

    Makes creating your own web pages as easy as creating a document in Microsoft® Word. You can edit directly using the integrated editor or paste in content from other editors such as Word. You do not need an HTML editor, or hire a web designer. Everything you need is integrated into the Website Builder.

  • Easy Remote Management:

    Manage your website from anywhere: the office, your home computer, the beach, or when on vacation. FuguHub is a web server and a web server allows you to remotely work from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

  • Blog Engine Included:

    Includes an easy to use blog engine you can use for writing your biography, creating your personal photo album, informing customers of important information, creating scrapbooks, or any kind of information you would like to frequently update and relay to visitors.

  • Compatible with Open Live Writer:

    Insert photos and videos, maps, tags and lots of other cool content, all in a snap. Powerful editing features include tables, spell checker, and quick hyperlinks.

  • Optimized for Slow Networks:

    All web pages created by the CMS are automatically compressed and cached. A compressed page is three to four times smaller than a standard web page yielding up to 400% faster page downloads. The CMS is specifically designed such that you can run a professional site behind a DSL or cable modem. The CMS is ideal for small business users, communities, and home users in need of an inexpensive and professional web site.

  • Advanced Tools:

    Includes a number of advanced tools such as automatic RSS feed generation, web site statistics, automatic "Contact Us" forms and database management.

  • Themes:

    A simple button click changes your theme for your website. Choose your desired template from our selection of integrated templates, or create your own theme(s) (for advanced users).