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for Windows

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Windows XP to Windows 10.
32 bit and 64 bit compatible.

Release notes
Manual Installation Package (Portable App)
Download FuguHub

Manual Windows Installation (optional)

The following package is for experienced users that want to have full control over the installation process.


  1. Download the FuguHub ZIP file.
  2. Unpack the ZIP file in any directory. Make sure you do not use spaces in the directory name(s).
  3. Open a command (DOS) window.
  4. List all available FuguHub commands by typing: FuguHub <ENTER>.


The following command runs FuguHub as a console application:
FuguHub -console

The following command installs the server as a Windows service and starts the server. The server will start automatically when the PC starts:
FuguHub -installauto

FYI: The FuguHub Windows installation program installs the server by using the above command.


  1. If the server is installed as a service, run the command: FuguHub -remove.
  2. Delete the FuguHub directory.


Think about the following before installing:

FuguHub is a complex product and you must pay attention to the installation and configuration wizard. We do not want you to be frustrated!

Now is a good time to view the following installation video: