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Automatic SSL Certificate Wizard

Would you like to remove the SSL browser warning that pops up in your browser when accessing your FuguHub server in secure mode?

You can do this by purchasing an SSL certificate for your domain name.

Generating a Private Key and a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) are confusing and difficult to many people, causing many newcomers to give up. For those who know what they are doing, it is time consuming.

We have designed an SSL Wizard that simplifies generating a Private Key and a CSR. The Wizard automatically installs a signed certificate and configures your FuguHub server to use the new certificate.

The application is a standard FuguHub application (plugin) and can be installed in the server. The application includes all tools necessary for generating a Private Key and a CSR.

Instructional videos

Why use SSL certificates:

How to create and install an SSL certificate using the SSL wizard:


Download the SSL Certificate Wizard and save the ZIP file in the FuguHub application folder. Do not unpack the ZIP file. Follow the LSP application installation instructions.

(1) Includes Windows executable versions of the OpenSSL certificate tools.

(2) Requires that you have installed the OpenSSL certificate tools (Shipped with Mac OS X).

After Installing the Certificate

The certificate Wizard can be stopped using the FuguHub Administrator Panel. You then have the option to remove this application. However, it may be a good idea to keep the certificate Wizard application for future certificate configuration.