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   FuguHub Applications

The following is a list of free applications that you may download and copy to the FuguHub applications directory.

Drop BoxStudent Drop Box File Server Application.
Cloud BackupAutomatic backup for the FuguHub Cloud Server installation.
SSL Certificate WizardWould you like to remove the SSL browser warning that pops up in your browser when accessing your FuguHub server in secure mode?
TransmissionTransmission is a BitTorrent client plugin, which is available for FuguHub Linux versions such as the cloud server.
CmsDomainsHost multiple domain names with the FuguHub CMS.
404A 404 page not found handler for the private conscious user.

Installing FuguHub Applications

If you do not have FuguHub installed, please download and install FuguHub prior to downloading any of the FuguHub applications.

A FuguHub application is a standard zip file. It is not necessary to uncompress the zip file. Download the zip file and copy the zip file to the FuguHub applications directory. The FuguHub applications directory is a subdirectory called "applications" in the directory where you installed FuguHub.

Play VideoVideo

The SSL Certificate Wizard video shows how to install a FuguHub application.

  1. Download the zip file and store the file in the "applications" FuguHub subdirectory.
  2. Start a browser, navigate to http://yourserver/rtl/, and click the "Menu" link.
  3. Login as an administrator.
  4. Click the "Administrator Panel" link.
  5. Click the "Application Manager" link in the administrator panel.
  6. Click the "Load" link.
  7. Click the "Load" button.

FuguHub will now scan the applications directory and load all new applications. You should see links to the loaded applications on the "Menu" page if you refresh your browser window. Click on the new link(s) to go to your new application(s).