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Firefox Proxy Set Up for the MxTunnel

The following instructions are for configuring Firefox for use with the MxTunnel. We suggest that you use the portable Firefox version and use it exclusively with the MxTunnel. The default configuration for the instructions below can be downloaded for Firefox. Install the portable Firefox version and replace the default prefs.js with our prefs.js proxy version.

  • For Windows: click Tools, Options. For Mac: click Tools, Preferences.
  • Click on Advanced, the Network tab, then the Settings button.
    On Windows:

    On Mac:
  • The Connection Settings dialog appears:
    1. Click the radio button for Manual proxy configuration
    2. In the SOCKS host field, enter localhost
    3. In the port field, enter port 1080 or the port the MxTunnel SOCKS server is listening on
    4. Click SOCKS v5

    You must configure Firefox to use the MxProxy for resolving DNS if you are behind a restrictive firewall/proxy and the connection is not working after you have performed the above configuration.

    1. Enter the following URL in the Firefox address bar field:
    2. Accept the "Warranty" warning, if any
    3. Enter the following in the filter: remote_dns
    4. Change the value for network.proxy.socks_remote_dns from false to true