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FuguHub Video Tutorials

The videos presented here are tutorials for how to use, manage, and configure the FuguHub server. The videos present the following:

  1. How to use FuguHub as a file server (WebDAV and Web File Manager)
  2. How to upload files by dragging and dropping files into the Web File Manager
  3. How to create your own web pages using the CMS
  4. How to configure FuguHub for the Internet
  5. How to install a SSL certificate (advanced use)

We recommend pressing the fullscreen button when viewing the videos. The fullscreen button is located in the bottom right corner in each video.

How to use FuguHub as a file server

FuguHub includes a file server that makes it possible to access and work with files stored on the server. For example, over the Internet, multiple users can securely access and work with Word documents stored on the computer where FuguHub is installed.

The following one minute video shows how to connect a Windows and Mac computer to a WebDAV server:

In the above video we had to authenticate and enter our FuguHub credentials. The following video shows how to use the browser's login session when connecting to the FuguHub WebDAV server by using a session URL.

This video shows how to use the Web File Manager.

This video shows how to drag, drop, and upload files using a browser. The drag and drop upload feature was introduced in FuguHub 4.4.

In addition, Windows users that have Microsoft Word can directly access documents on the server by using the integrated Windows Microsoft Word WebDAV client. See the following tutorial for more information: Edit Remote Documents Using Microsoft Word.

The FuguHub File Mailer makes it easy and secure to distribute files of any size to any number of contacts via regular email.

How to create your own web pages using the CMS

The Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that makes it possible to create and maintain a professional web site and blog without using a HTML editor.

How to install a SSL certificate (advanced use)

A SSL certificate is required if you want to remove the warning that is presented when clients connect to the server in secure mode. The following videos show what a SSL certificate is and how to purchase and install the certificate in FuguHub. Note, a notarized (trusted) SSL certificate can only be installed if you have purchased your own domain name.

See the following Videos for more information.