BarracudaDrive 3.9 Beta

FuguHub is an easy to use Web Server for non techies and is now available with a free license. The included license expires Wednesday, June 11, 2008 with only some features expiring. See the FAQ for more information.

The new version includes a Content Management System (CMS) and an Electronic Bulletin Board (forum).

Online demos are now available for the CMS and the forum on our FuguHub 3.9 powered web sites. As an example, you can subscribe to the following two feeds:

You can use FuguHub to create your own feeds just like we do by using the new CMS and the forum.

We are updating our marketing strategy to provide newsletters via RSS feeds. The above blog feed gives you information from all RSS feed categories. You can alternatively subscribe to our news category if you prefer to receive our newsletters only.

News feed:

You can select from a vast number of RSS readers from desktop type to online WEB RSS readers. You can also use free services online that can forward any RSS feed to your mobile phone.

One desktop reader you may find useful is the Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client. Thunderbird is a good choice for an email client and can also read RSS feeds. The feeds end up in a folder that looks just like regular emails. Check out the following link if you find this interesting:

If you like to always be connected, check out the free Yahoo Alerts service, which allows you to forward RSS feeds to your mobile phone:

Click on the Feed/Blog link after you have logged in and create an alert. You can, for example, create an alert to the FuguHub support forum:

For additional readers and articles, do a Google search for: choose RSS reader

Download instructions for the new FuguHub 3.9 beta version:

Acme Fox Board

FuguHub is a product assembled by using the Barracuda Embedded Web Server SDK and can easily be put into small (Linux) devices. We will soon release a free fully featured FuguHub server for the Acme Fox Board, which runs the Linux operating system. The Acme Fox Board is a 66 x 72 mm large mini computer system.

Posted in News Thursday, March 06th, 2008 by Real Time Logic

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