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Download FuguHub 8.1

Note: if you are a (web) developer, you should instead try the Mako Server. FuguHub and Mako Server are both powered by the Barracuda App Server Library.

FuguHub for Windows Download FuguHub for Windows.
Install FuguHub on an online Virtual Private Server Install FuguHub on an online Virtual Private Server.

FuguHub Linux Versions

Debian/Ubuntu x86/x64

The Debian/Ubuntu release is designed for institutions such as schools and universities which typically require a high number of concurrent users.

More information

Raspberry Pi

The FuguHub Raspberry Pi edition is designed for the $35 Raspberry Pi computer.

LinkIt Smart 7688

The FuguHub LinkIt Smart edition is designed for LinkIt Smart 7688.

My Book Live

The FuguHub My Book Live edition is designed for the Western Digital My Book Live NAS.



The binaries are compatible with the BeagleBoard and BeagleBone.

Download directly to your board as follows:
wget https://FuguHub.com/FuguHub.beagle.tar.gz


The FuguHub SheevaPlug edition is designed for Marvell's $99 SheevaPlug.

Synology NAS

The binaries for the FuguHub SheevaPlug version are compatible with the Synology DS110J NAS.

See the Installing FuguHub on the Synology DS110J NAS tutorial for more information.

DD-WRT MIPS such as the BUFFALO AirStation

The binaries are compatible with DD-WRT MIPS based routers such as the BUFFALO AirStation.

Download directly to your router as follows:
wget https://FuguHub.com/FuguHub.dd-wrt-mips.tar.gz