Secure remote file storage with BarracudaDrive 4.1

Unlike remote access tools such as GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, and others, FuguHub makes the remote computer appear as a standard hard drive on your local PC and makes it possible for multiple users to work on the remote computer simultaneously. FuguHub also prevents multiple users from editing the same document, thus preventing possible loss of data. You edit the documents directly on the server without the need of copying the documents to your local computer before editing.

WebDAV Session URL's

One of the unique features in FuguHub 4.1 is the introduction of WebDAV session URL's . A session URL created by the Web File Manager is designed to be used by WebDAV clients.

The following video is a tutorial for the Web File Manager and the WebDAV server integrated into FuguHub. The video demonstrates how easy it is to use a session URL to directly edit documents on the remote server.

Video tutorial:

WebDAV on Windows is a little odd and the Windows WebDAV clients have a hard time interoperating with other WebDAV servers. When you map a drive letter from your client Windows computer to any WebDAV server requiring authentication, one would normally have to login and have to login again to open any Microsoft Office document, making it very inconvenient to use other WebDAV servers. This inconvenience is unique to Windows integrated WebDAV clients. FuguHub eliminates this inconvenience by providing you with a session URL requiring that you only login once by using a browser.

Learn more by visiting the FuguHub product page.
Download FuguHub for Mac and Windows.

Notice that when you logout from the browser, you also invalidate the mapped WebDAV drive. Our unique session URL makes it safe to use the client from public places such as Internet cafés. Normally, logging out from a network drive in Windows is virtually impossible unless you reboot the computer. Therefore, other WebDAV servers are not safe to be used from public locations. However, FuguHub makes using a network drive from un-trusted locations now secure because one can logout using the browser to invalidate the session URL and prevent further access to the remote drive.

We are planning on producing more videos on how to use the Web File Manager and the WebDAV server.

What remains is to explain in more detail "how to use a secure connection" and provide you more information on the warning message presented if you do not have a valid certificate. For professional use, we recommend installing a certificate by using our certificate tool.

We are also planning on producing a video on how to use other WebDAV clients such as DriveOnWeb and WebDrive for Windows.

Posted in News Thursday, June 18th, 2009

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